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Renewable Energy Academy of Virginia, LLC

The Renewable Energy Academy prepares citizens, young and old, to meet the needs of a fast-growing renewable energy workforce as well as make their communities and the earth a cleaner safer place for us all. .

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Pleasants Industries, Inc.

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Renewable Energy Academy of Virginia, LLC

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    Pleasants Industries, Inc., a Virginia S Corporation, is pleased to announce that we are finally in the process of acquiring a significant amount of land...

Pleasants Industries

The Renewable Energy Academy, a subsidiary of Pleasants Industries, Inc prepares citizens, young and old, to meet the needs of a fast-growing renewable energy workforce as well as make their communities and the earth a cleaner safer place for us all.  We will be offering online classes starting in January 2019.  Face to face courses will start in June 2019 in our new facility in Greenwood Virginia.

We will bring technology solutions to market thru extensive research and development of innovative solutions.  We will accomplish this thru a structured organizational model including engineering services, customer management, industry partnership, investment and incubation activities of other technology innovators in the Mid Atlantic US.

By supporting global innovation through local expertise, our Mid Atlantic Innovation Labs will not only support local companies (from startups to Fortune 500 OEMs) in technology incubation and development, but also brings the rich expertise and ecosystem of Silicon Valley to Pleasants Industries, Inc. clients and partners worldwide.

Mid Atlantic Innovation Labs resources and services will include:

  • Full business and technical engagement for companies and researchers looking for commercialization paths for “More than Moore” solutions for further our unique solutions in the wind turbine blade manufacturing industry.
  • We will also incubate our newest innovations around Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, as well as incorporating unique ChatBot solutions to support the "day in the life of" .... data scientists and application developers.  We will support a number of industry verticals including hospitality, financial services, insurance and medical services companies.
  • In partnership with local doctors, we will innovate to reduce risk for patients, doctors and hospital systems.
  • We will provide local R&D staffing for engineering and design support from the component through systems level, including full prototyping and testing of each solution.
  • Our Innovation Consulting team will help companies adapt to ever increasing business competition thru reducing business or governmental risk, as well as, accelerating time to market and reducing overall operational costs.
  • Full range of analytical services including tear downs, cross sectional analysis, and market research.
  • IP services including patent portfolio analysis, IP landscape research, and specific IP research and investigation services.
  • Wafer and packaged device level test and characterization.
  • Youth innovation competitions and continuing education.

Pleasants Industries Inc started with our manufacturing division.   It was the first division of the company.  We aimed to offer an innovative approach to manufacturing wind turbine rotor blades in the renewable energy industry, to help significantly reduce wind turbine rotor blade cost to manufacture, time to transport and time to full wind turbine system operation . The management of Pleasants Industries believes there is a current huge untapped market opportunity because:

1) Existing wind turbine rotor blade manufacturers require a fixed plant to manufacture the blades, thus keeping costs of manufacturing and transporting these blades very high.

2) The incorporation of a unique collapsing infusion rotor blade mold and mobile manufacturing methods will greatly serve the needs of this segment of the construction in the wind turbine industry.

We started business operations with one manufacturing facility in Japan in 2015.   In 2016, we started planning a manufacturing facility in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

After the newly announced federal tariffs in 2018, we decided to keep all Pleasants Industries, Inc. manufacturing operations offshore; until our US trade policies become more friendly to our manufacturing strategy, revenue, and profitability goals.  We will consider adding a new manufacturing facility in Virginia in late 2020 or early 2021, after we see where our US commerce policies change.

Pleasants Industries' mobile manufacturing division manufactures wind turbine rotor blade molds for use in manufacturing these blades at wind turbine sites/farms worldwide. Our primary focus is on product engineering and manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality,  innovative features, and the most efficient manufacturing process possible.

Pleasants Industries, Inc. manufactures these wind turbine rotor blade molds for many legacy, heritage and horizon global utility grade blade designs.   All Pleasants Industries, Inc. products utilize our mobile (onsite) manufacturing methods and processes.  Our molds are specially designed to be extremely precise, tracked globally and heavily utilized by specially trained mobile manufacturing teams.  We are also experimenting with robotic production equipment to further streamline our unique manufacturing process.