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Pleasants Industries, Inc., a Virginia S Corporation, recently announced the acquisition of a significant amount of land in the Crozet area. The corporate board has approved development, construction, and operation of a 6400 square foot academy. The first location for the Academy will operate under the name, Renewable Energy Academy of Virginia, LLC., which is one of three divisions of Pleasants Industries, Inc. The estimated time frame for full operation is set for the summer of 2019.

Pleasants Industries, Inc is considering adding a lite manufacturing plant, also in the Crozet area, in the fourth quarter of 2019. This division manufactures molds for utility wind turbine blades globally.

A third division of the company, solely focused on Innovation, Research, and Development will operate under the name, Mid Atlantic Innovation Center, LLC. This division is already working on global solutions around IoT (Internet of Things) to support the global logistics market and Blockchain supporting myriad industries including financial services, manufacturing, and healthcare. It’s likely that this division will operate as the first Global Research and Development Center. Initially, it will operate from a dedicated space of the Academy.

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