Renewable Energy Academy

Renewable Energy Academy of Virginia, LLC

The Renewable Energy Academy, a subsidiary of Pleasants Industries, Inc prepares citizens, young and old, to meet the needs of a fast-growing renewable energy workforce as well as make their communities and the earth a cleaner safer place for us all.

Launching in 2019, our Renewable Energy Academy of Virginia, will address the shortfall in basic market information for organisations and individuals involved within or interested in the renewable energy industry.  Our courses will help to educate the worldwide business community, workers getting enhanced training and those seeking new skills in this field of work.  This education will facilitate the rapid adoption of renewable energy.  Change is increasing in the energy markets. Training will improve the adaptability of your employees to cope, recognize and respond to  new trends as they happen – they must internalize new knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to cope with the demands of the new career landscape.

Instructors have a broad range of renewable energy expertise and real-world experience. The Academy will partner will local schools, universities and businesses in order to create a robust curriculum that will both meet the needs of students as well as the business or organizations they will serve.

Renewable Energy and Innovation Summer Camp Signups will start in January 2019, on a first come, first served basis. We will announce the full camp activities and provide an online calendar to sign up for the weeks that you wish to secure. The price ranges for these camps will depend on the scope of what you want your child to do, but as a general rule weekly rates will be between $180 - $210 per week. This will include a healthy lunch at the Renewable Energy Academy every day at camp. We are targeting for the camp tracks to start on Monday, June 10th, 2019. Stay tuned for much more detail on the activities planned for the youth program and specifics on the renewable energy and innovation tracks.

A video summary of the academy and innovation labs plans is here:

We look forward to introducing you to our library of courses, instructors and other resources soon.

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